[Simulation of infection] Social Distancing on Yamanote-line.

We now try to simulate the yamanote-line and chuo-line the main train in Tokyo city thinking about the number of passenger on each stations.

This time the size of the problem is still small we didn’t send the calculation to D-Wave Leap2 and solved on our blueqat pro cloud server.

(1) It is a simulation of infection
(2) The initial state is random and virtual on several stations on yamanote-ilne.

Initial State

First we set the initial state on yamanote-line randomely and do the simulation.

The heatmap is created multiplying the number of passengers on each stations. We see that large terminal station has strong infection at initial state.

Infection of simulation

Finally we do the simulation both on yamanote-line and chuo-line. And just see that the infection spread to many stations including chuo-line which is not infected at the initial state.

This is a simple simulation at the beginning but we see that the infection spread through the transfer of the trains.

Let’s keep the Social Distancing and stay home. This is what we want to call attention.

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