[Simulation of infection] Social Distancing movie

This time we will see the movie the state changing from the initial state to the final state of simualtion.

For the model of the infection we use the formulation QUBO which is suitable for the optimization problem and simulation on quantum computing. Each qubit has bias on itself and weight between qubits. This time we use network model to see the qubit as human or station and simulated the infection.

Each qubits has 0 or 1 of value to think as normal or infected. The connected node influenced by the neighbor node.

Now in early 2020 we cannon get enough trustable data on SARS-CoV-2, we used a qualitative simualtion.

And this time we simulated on classical machine and quantum-classical hybrid system of D-Wave Leap2. Each machines and algorithms has different way of calculation on parameters so even we use the same model, the parameter affects on each model differently. This time we just simulated the infection as “strong infection” and “weak infection”.

With the “Strong Infection” even only a small numer of nodes are infected, finally the infection spread rapidly. We have 7steps of simulation on QUBO.

And next “Weak Infection” is changing weakly and affect on small nodes.

This time we send the calculation to the D-Wave Leap2. This movie is created to the purpose of calling attention about Social Distancing in the city that at the moment because there are still a lot of people going out of the city in Tokyo and required to stay at home.

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