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Business 1: Outsourcing cutting-edge research and education on quantum computing

We assist cutting-edge research and human resource development by utilizing quantum cloud, SDKs, GPU simulators, case news, databases, etc. Below are some of the tools that are available to assist you in your research.

  1. cuQuantum

    NVIDIA's high-performance GPU quantum computing SDK.

    blueqat is one of the few frameworks in the world that integrates NVIDIA's cuQuantum.

  2. The blueqat SDK

    A free, state-of-the-art tensor network-based quantum computing software development kit.

  3. blueqat cloud

    A free version and a corporate paid version (monthly) that allows you to start programming quantum computers right away. There are free version and enterprise paid version (1000-3000 dollar/month). You can connect to a real quantum computer.

    [2 credits]

    Rigetti Aspen M2 80 qubit superconducting
    OQC lucy 8 qubit superconducting

    [50 credits]

    IonQ Area 11 qubit ion trap


    NEC Vector Annealing

  4. Quantum Business Magazine

    The latest quantum computer news from around the world and a database of quantum computers for companies and individuals. Individuals can also apply.

    Overview of Paid Plans

    Paid plans largely include the following.

    • Members-only articles
    • Quantum computer database
    • Members-only monthly quantum industry summary e-newsletter

    Membership Exclusive Articles

    Membership Exclusive Articles are available to members only and contain valuable information and content that is not generally available to the general public. These are distributed on an irregular basis.

    Quantum Computer Database

    You can view a page with data related to the quantum computer industry.


    • 26,400 JPY/year for individuals (tax included)
    • 264,000 JPY/year for corporate customers(tax included)

    Payment Method

    Payment is made in advance in a lump sum for the annual fee. Individuals can pay by credit card. Corporate customers can also pay by invoice.

    How to apply

    For individuals accounts, click here.

    For corporate accounts, click here.

    For corporate accounts, we will turn on your paid account after confirming the details here after payment is completed.

  5. No-Code Quantum Computer App

    A no-code tool that allows you to run applications for difficult quantum calculations with just a mouse click.

  6. Operation of the Quantum Software Endowed Chair at the University of Tokyo

    blueqat is a founder of the University of Tokyo Quantum Software Endowed Chair, which aims to promote the use of quantum computers in society.

  7. Development of semiconductor quantum computers

    We are developing a next-generation compact quantum computer with semiconductor spin qubits.

Business 2: blueqat marketing, a marketing system for product development

A new marketing + R&D tool with built-in algorithms and automatic data analysis. This system automatically creates various products optimally in product development and marketing. Material data is input and evaluated through algorithmic suggestions to improve products. We have started offering a completely new framework in a package, now in beta operation.


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