Now, I'm searching theme of my new blogs.

Hikaru Wakaura a year ago

#VQE #MCVQE #SSVQE #QSVM #QFT #QPE #Quantum simulation #noise #MBL #Time Crystal #Integrable system

I am currently looking for a theme for my blog. I have been writing blogs on a variety of topics related to quantum computers. I have written blogs on various topics related to quantum computing, including papers, methods, and implementations. However, since this field is growing rapidly in all aspects, I am probably not able to cover all aspects. Therefore, I decided to call for blog topics. "If you have any questions about quantum computers or quantum physics, please feel free to write to us. We are looking forward to your comments and requests.

Already posted topics:

Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE), Subspace-Search-VQE (SSVQE), Multiscale-Contracted VQE (MCVQE), quantum simulation, adiabatic quantum computation, Grover's algorithm, quantum phase estimation, quantum Fourier transform, time crystals, integrable systems, quantum information thermodynamics, localized systems, noise, quantum support vector machines.

Hikaru Wakaura


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