Paper Introduction: Noise Tolerant Blind Quantum Computation.

In this article, we present a study of blind quantum computation with noise tolerance. The main points of this paper are as follows.

The main points of this paper are as follows: - Realization of blind quantum computation that is robust to transmission noise in optical fibers.

The noise is suppressed by 'noise processing' in combination with a beam splitter.

The noise immunity is thereby improved.

This research is about quantum communication, especially blind quantum computation where the results are communicated while the computation is kept secret. The noise is created by an imperfect beam splitter, a noise processing circuit is built around it, and the initial state is loaded with the quantum information to be transferred to the time-bin state. The process is as follows.

1, Alice prepares the state {+θj=1/2(0+eiθj1)}j=1n\{\mid + \theta_j \rangle=1/\sqrt{2}(\mid 0 \rangle + e^{i\theta_j}\mid 1 \rangle)\}_{j=1}^n .

2,Alice encodes the states.

3,Alice sends the quantum state to Bob, but is exposed to noise along the way.

Bob receives the quantum state whose data is lost due to the noise.

5,Bob decodes the received quantum state using a noise processing circuit that includes an imperfect beam splitter.

6, Bob creates a graph state and observes the jth qubit in it.

7, Bob reports the observation to Alice, who completes the computation based on the result.

It may seem like a reversal to suppress noise generation by deliberately generating noise to cancel it out and achieve blind quantum computation, but in a sense it is natural considering that noise can also be reproduced by unitary transformations. At present, quantum computers are being downsized around the world at a pace that will enable the realization of quantum computers for home use. However, with the extension of the current technology, it will be a long time before quantum chemical calculations can be performed on them. So blind quantum computation, including this result, may be used for another 10 years or so without becoming obsolete.

Hikaru Wakaura
個人研究者の若浦 光です。量子アルゴリズムの実装結果や論文の紹介などを載せていきます。 mail:
Hikaru Wakaura
個人研究者の若浦 光です。量子アルゴリズムの実装結果や論文の紹介などを載せていきます。 mail:
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