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Solving humanity's unsolvable problems


Since its establishment in 2008, blueqat has been developing various systems, and has been in the quantum computer business since 2014. Our engineer and sales team contributes to maximizing the value of our clients.


Corporate Overview

Company name: blueqat Co., Ltd. (renamed from MDR Co., Ltd. in 2020)

Capital: 130 million yen (capital reserve 94,986,050 yen)

Establishment date: December 12, 2008

Location: 2-24-12 Shibuya Tokyo 150-6139


Business: Quantum computer cloud system, machine learning solution

Providing a quantum computer & machine learning development environment

We provide blueqat SDK, an open source quantum computer software development tool, and blueqat Cloud, a free cloud environment that can be used immediately after logging in without installation. For enterprises, we offer a more sophisticated paid subscription model.

AI data consulting

We use actual data to create models and consulting related to marketing and business. In particular, please use it if you want to start a business regarding the utilization of data that will immediately lead to sales and profits, or if you want to create your own model at high speed and create a forecast model.

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