Simulation of Continuous-Variable Quantum Systems with Tensor Network, October 2021

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#2021 #IEEE #Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE)

Ryutaro Nagai, Takao Tomono, Yuichiro Minato, October 2021

Tensor network is known as a powerful method to simulate quantum computation on a classical computer. Recently, the random quantum circuit used in the demonstration of quantum supremacy by Sycamore quantum computer have been simulated with tensor network method. Compared to the application of tensor networks to Discrete-Variable (DV) quantum computation, there are very few examples of application of tensor network to Continuous-Variable (CV) quantum computation. Therefore, we applied a tensor network structure called Matrix Product States (MPS) to CV quantum computation. Tensor network is expected to be useful for simulating Gaussian Boson Sampling (GBS), which is a promised near-term application of photonic quantum system. We outline the performance of tensor network-based simulation of CV quantum computation in GBS.

IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering

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