IBM Quantum’s Version of “Tick-Tock” Development

Quantum Computing Report 16 days ago

In 2007, Intel adopted a model for microprocessor development which they called “Tick-Tock” (not to be confused with the social media TikTok). The idea is that two different types of innovations are needed to continue producing better and better microprocessor chips. The first type is to shrink the manufacturing process using tighter design rules and achieving better transistor performance and smaller die sizes. Intel called this the “Tick” step. An example would be when they went from a 32 nm to 22 nm manufacturing process in 2012. The second type of innovation is the “Tock” step that introduces a new processor microarchitecture using the same process to improve performance, energy efficiency, and incorporate new features. An example was when they moved from the Ivy Bridge to the Haswell microarchitecture in 2013.


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