Pasqal and Eni Are Collaborating to Explore Quantum Computing Solutions for the Energy Sector

Quantum Computing Report 9 days ago

Pasqal , a quantum startup company developing neutral atom based quantum processors with headquarters near Paris France, has announced it is collaborating with Italian energy giant Eni to explore potential quantum solutions for a number of applications across its value chain including what they call the upstream, downstream, chemicals and renewables. Eni  already operates one of the world’s most powerful privately-owned supercomputers in Eni’s Green Data Centre  and the companies will work together to see how quantum computing can work together with Eni’s classical computing resources to enhance and accelerate the solution of important problems in Eni’s business. Eni has a long term goal of reaching a net zero carbon state by 2050  and solving some of these problems can help them make progress towards that goal. Eni’s venture capital arm, called Eni Next, has been an investor in Pasqal since 2021. For more about Pasqal’s work with Eni, you can read the press announcement provided by Pasqal which can be accessed here .

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