Quandela Announces a European Quantum Cloud Service

Quantum Computing Report 13 days ago

In what it says is the first quantum cloud service in Europe, Quandela  has announced that it has now made available an initial system with 5 photonic qubits for experimentation. The system can be programmed with Quandela’s Percival development toolkit  which also supports Quandela’s photonic simulator allowing a user to simulate a program before running it on the real machine. The company plans on upgrading the system to reach 12 qubits by the end of 2023. The service was tested out recently in a quantum hackathon at the Sorbonne which had over 60 researchers and students participating. A user can try out the system for free by visiting Quandela’s Quantum Cloud web page located here . For more information, you can access a press release provided by Quandela which can be accessed here .

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