Internship lecture 6: Climate Change and Quantum Computers

Yuichiro Minato 13 days ago

This is the last time for internship lecture, I will list some reference materials on specific climate change.

PsiQuantum Sets Up a Qlimate Subsidiary to Use Quantum Computing for Combating Climate Change

PsiQuantum, which makes optical quantum computers, is forming a company on climate change. The contents are.


Basically, it was about materials systems such as quantum chemical calculations for future error-free quantum computers in line with the direction of the PsiQuantum company.

Next up was Q4Climate, a group that solves climate-related issues in the United States.


Various experts have been brought together and papers have been published.

Quantum technologies for climate change: Preliminary assessment

In addition, the following challenge was made by Deloitte Consuling.

Deloitte Quantum Climate Challenge seeks to Optimize Climate Impacts of Air Travel

The actual challenge and videos can be seen at the following page.

Next up was BCG. This one was also relatively categorized and easy to understand.

A Quantum Advantage in Fighting Climate Change

There were many helpful diagrams.

The last one is quantum machine learning.

Rigetti Enhances Predictive Weather Modeling with Quantum Machine Learning

The paper is here.

Synthetic weather radar using hybrid quantum-classical machine learning

It's weather prediction using quantum machine learning in the current style.

Overall, I think that the project was divided into three areas: quantum chemical materials, optimization of transportation systems, and AI for weather prediction. I don't know if this kind of thing will become popular in Japan in the future, but since it is still in its early stages, I thought that something using quantum might still be in its infancy. As a theme, I got the impression that it is about to gain some momentum. If you are interested, please visit.

Yuichiro Minato


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