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2022 Latest blueqat quantum computing intern and recruitment

Yuichiro Minato

2022/11/19 03:04

Hello, I would like to share our company's recent developments.

    • we work mainly for remote work but also dealing with GPUs, machines, etc. so we established a lab, Shibuya wework is available for events.
    • Salary is around 500k-600k yen/month by Japanese standards. It is expected to increase in the future. Please pay attention to Japanese prices and exchange rate.
    • Development is application and middleware oriented, mostly quantum-classical hybrid computation with blueqatSDK as the core. Machine learning and optimization calculations are performed.
    • We always use the latest version of the quantum computer. Ion traps, neutral atoms, superconductivity and photonics. In-house research on silicon spin.
    • In the application field, we focus on tensor networks, graph theory, and deep learning. Our main applications are image recognition, classification problems, reinforcement learning, and time series prediction.
    • Our work is mainly customer meetings, reports and papers. So these days, it is difficult to write reports and papers without Ph.D experience. Since joint research with universities and research institutes is increasing, academic ability to keep up with high-level discussions is necessary.
    • The personnel composition is diverse from universities around the world. The basic internal language is English.
    • We are constantly pursuing the latest technologies, which is attracting more and more attention from abroad these days. Until now, we have been active mainly in Japan, but from 2023, we will be active in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East, Singapore, and other countries.

That is all.

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