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Yuichiro Minato 15 days ago

Hello, We are starting to build a data center for quantum and machine learning. Quantum and machine learning use special servers, so the specifications are a bit different, and we need to consider nationwide deployment of security and communication with a view to the future quantum era.

1. Security

Security is the most important factor. There are two types of security. One is quantum cryptography and the other is quantum resistant cryptography. Quantum cryptography requires dedicated facilities, while quantum resistant cryptography uses existing computers. It is believed that the demand for secure communication between data centers using quantum cryptography on dedicated lines will increase in some areas in the future. It will also be necessary to ensure the security of ordinary cryptography by using quantum cryptography.

2. quantum-classical hybrid computation

When a quantum computer and a supercomputer are used as a hybrid computation, the computation can be accelerated by physically placing them close to each other. Data centers are usually not built to accommodate quantum computers and require specialized facilities such as ceiling height and handling of cooling systems.

3. HPC Power

Quantum hybridization and simulation require high-performance computing such as supercomputers and GPUs. Currently, a lot of power is required to maintain them. Therefore, securing power and its heat removal process is an issue. Current data centers do not support such configurations because they are mainly used for communication and storage.

4. support for renewable energy

In the future, quantum data centers will need to be located in places where renewable energy can be easily obtained. Since sunlight hours and other factors vary across the country, it will be important to locate such data centers in such locations.

The quantum cloud environment is rapidly being established around the world, including by companies such as Dell Inc. Since such activities are also necessary in Japan, we at blueqat would like to actively invest in the establishment of quantum data centers in major cities throughout the country.

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