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Since 2018, blueqat has been developing tools to meet the demands of various companies and researchers, focusing on blueqatSDK, a software development kit for quantum computers. In 2021, we plan to release a set of APIs that will make it easier to use the software on multiple quantum machines, called blueqat julia.

In addition to the tools, we also provide technical support and education through our own engineers to help companies who want to use quantum computers in the future.

In this article, we will show you how you can use quantum computers.

blueqat quantum suite

At blueqat, we have been developing tools to help people use quantum computers more efficiently. The tools introduced above work together seamlessly and can be used flexibly. They are often used for corporate education and research. It is also operated under a policy that can withstand the simplicity of the curriculum, such as not implementing unnecessary functions as much as possible.

  • blueqat python SDK - This is an application development tool for quantum computers that supports both quantum gate model and quantum annealing methods. You can download it for free.

  • photonqat python SDK - This is a quantum gate method, but it uses a method called optical continuous quantity calculation, which is compatible with optical quantum computers. It is a separate tool because the computational principle is different and has not yet been standardized with the qubit method. It is available for free download.

blueqat cloud - The above tools are very hard to update and install frequently, so we have implemented them on the Internet as a cloud system. Once you have registered an account, you can use it from your browser anytime, anywhere by simply logging in. There is a free version and a paid version for businesses. The paid version starts at 100,000 yen per month (tax not included) and varies depending on machine resources, actual machine usage, etc.

Calculation method

The most popular computation method at the moment is called quantum gating, which is a method of stacking logic gates. The next most popular is quantum annealing, but it has settled down since the number of people using it has increased to some extent. The number of people who want to use an optical quantum computer is also starting to increase here and there.

How to use

I think the most important thing to do with these tools is to educate people to explore their uses. Basically, it's a good idea to do more and more tutorials. There are many recently that want to use quantum machine learning to implement image recognition and natural language processing in the future.

We will improve the tutorial feature in the future.

Real machine

You can connect to the real machine with token and API. Currently, it is only available to users of the paid version, but soon it will be available for the free version as well.

Support and contracting

Recently, we have been receiving many requests to expand support and contract services derived from the cloud. For example, there are many requests for more frequent training of quantum personnel, and also for expansion of the implementation side, such as expanding the cloud system and building cloud and on-premise systems. In most cases, the budget for education is about 3-10 million yen per year including cloud systems, and short-term education is often 2-3 million yen for about 3 months. For contracted system design and construction, requests start from 3 million yen for PoC and range from 30 to 100 million yen per year for production environment. Please use this service as well.

In the future

With the blueqat quantum suite, we have everything from quantum annealing to optical quantum computers, and you can use quantum computers with confidence through support from IBMQ and blueqat, an Amazon partner. Thank you for your continued support.



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